Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is important to prevent underlying issues down the road.

Action Carpet Cleaning will help keep your family comfortable in your home. Water Damage can cause mold and mildew to grow most likely where it can’t be seen. Call Action Carpet Cleaning right away to help you get your home back to normal!


We can handle any water damage disaster!

  • Water Damage from a severe storm
  • Water Damage from leaking water heaters and other appliances
  • Water Damage from a overflowing toilet
  • Water Damage from a sewage backups
  • Water Damage from frozen or burst pipes

What to do if you have water damage

Call Action Carpet Cleaning to get a technician to your home as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the quicker we can arrive on site to assess your water damage. Then we can start the drying process.


If your water damage is from a leaking water heater, overflowing toilet or burst of a frozen pipe for example, immediately turn off the water to prevent more damage.


You’ll also want to try and mop up or wipe up any excess water on the surfaces that have been affected. Do not lay down newspaper on wet surfaces as this may cause permanent staining. Make sure not to use any type of household vacuum cleaner on any wet surfaces.  However, if you have a shop vac, feel free to clean up excess water with it. Make sure to dump all water outside, and away from the foundation of the building.


Pick up loose items from around the affected area, including lamps, pillows, clocks, books, etc. The more items you can remove from the area before Action Carpet Cleaning arrives, the better chances we have of saving items of sentimental and intrinsic value to you. Put all wet items in a safe place to dry. If items are not removed and put out to dry in a safe place, the wet surfaces can encourage mold growth, causing a health hazard in your home or on your property.


Once we arrive, we will assess the damages to your home and clearly discuss the action that needs to be taken in your situation.  Action Carpet cleaning is here for your water damage restoration process.